Aleksandr Feldman: “From the birth everyone inside has a genetic program to help each other.”

The famous philanthropist, people’s deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Feldman told to the business newspaper “Delo” about the new business line of his Fund. And that is social entrepreneurship.

Aleksandr, you were among the first people who put the personal philanthropy beyond the corporate social accountability, by creating in 1997 the private Fund of Aleksandr Feldman. Are you still loyal to the chosen at that time business line?

Yes, of course. I think that targeted social assistance, protection of childhood and the preservation of cultural heritage are the foundation stones of my philanthropy. And each of these stones has its own social significance. Philanthropy is a way on which every person with self-respect will step. Every businessman on a certain stage of his life will eventually realize that business itself can’t be the only goal. The business will lose its essence, if its results are not targeted on goals that are beyond its frames.

“From birth everyone inside has a genetic program to help each other. This is a basis of the civil society development, I am sure”.

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Yuriy Logush: Indifference is the main obstacle for philanthropy

Yuri Logush, vice president of Kraft International, chairman of the company “Kraft Foods Ukraine” told about the reasons that make him and his wife Tatyana support the literary contest “The Coronation of the Word“, about achievements and the innovations.

The idea of ​​establishing “The Coronation of the Word” (All-Ukrainian contest of manuscripts. – “Delo”) appeared in the late ’90s, when me and my wife Tanya came to Kiev bookstores searching for Ukrainian books, but we hardly found any!

And those that still were available, were gathering dust in the far corners of the shelves. Then we set a goal that each Ukrainian family was able to read in Ukrainian. At the time of Stalin’s purges about 250 writers were killed. We want to return to Ukraine the same number of new names.

And for today about 180 books were published – the winners of the contest.

And after we have established a literary contest, we wanted to share our achievements: to deliver new books to libraries, orphanages, boarding schools. That is how the idea of ​​creating the Fund “Art Skarbnitsya” (Art Treasury) appeared, meant to revive, promote and support еру Ukrainian culture and art. During the past five years, the Fund, leaded by Tatyana, has been holding annual charity masquerade ball “Carnival”, aimed to promote not only the noble entertainments, but also a noble tradition of philanthropy. Thanks to Fund “Art Skarbnitsya”, over 10 thousand books arrived to young readers from all over the country: Kiev, Zaporozhye, Sevastopol, Poltava.  We donate books to public libraries, orphanages, schools; we publish the books by the contest winners, and the readers buy them. Movies are made by works of authors of “The Coronation of the Word”   (“Button”, “They throw away the withered flowers” by I. Rozdobudko, “Dark Water” “The snake is crawling” by A. Kokotyukha), plays are staged (“Sweet Darusya” by M. Matios). I am extremely pleased to see how the competition is stimulating the authors for creative development: A. Kokotyukha, I. Rozdobudko, N. and A. Shevchenko are the novelists and screenwriters, A. Gavrosh combines the talents of the playwrighter and children’s writer, S. Mirny is as well both the screenwriter and novelist.

During the year the writers’ marathon is held inUkrainian cities, and every time our writers gather the full audience. It is already the promotion of reading in general – and this new level, which we didn’t even dreamt of, but have achieved.

In 2011, we will continue development of both “The Coronation of the Word” and “Carnival.”  The first one will introduce a new subnomination “The best work for children”, which will be awarded in each of the existing nominations: the best song for children, best screenplay for the children movie , best play and  novel for children. “Carnival” is now considering proposals for cooperation with other regions of Ukraine.

I believe, indifference is the major obstacle to the development of philanthropy in Ukraine, and, whether the lack of time, or opportunities to consider carefully the philanthropy matters. All of us should finally get rid of indifference to ourselves;  we should be open to the good, be prepared to do good personally.

Yuriy Logush for



Rinat Akhmetov paid for Mariupol development

Metinvest, vertically-integrated mining and metal company, in September 2011 invested UAH 1,2 million into development of Mariupol city in the framework of bilateral agreement on social and economic cooperation between Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and Mariupol city council. Totally, the support to the city since the beginning of 2011 made over UAH 3,9 million, as the press office of the company reported.

In September 2011 UAH 500 thousand  allocated in the city hospital No 4 for updating fluorography equipment of the hospital, day patient departments, for repair the heating system in surgery unit. Since the beginning of the year, Azovstal invested into hospital more than UAH 1,4 million. Funds allocated allowed making major overhaul of clinical laboratories, surgical unit and an x-ray department of the hospital, as NGO.Donetsk reported.
Also in September, UAH 700 thousand were allocated for improvement, development and support of Ordzhonikidze district, mostly for housing repairs. Earlier, in August 2011, Azovstal provided over UAH 180 thousand for establishment of eight new playgrounds in the Ordzhonikidze district.
“For our enterprise, as well as for all Metinvest enterprises, it  is very important to conduct an open and constructive dialogue that helps to direct resources to address the most significant issues in the regions where we work. That is why we actively participate in the implementation of targeted urban social programs aimed at the development of urban infrastructure and support health and education, caring for the younger generation of Mariupol, “- said Enver Tskitishvili, Director General of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

Tatyana Bakhteeva: Any contribution to saving lives is important

Ukrainian philanthropic charitable initiatives are the clear example of the social responsibility in business. But alas, the existing tax system is not stimulating business activities in the social sphere.
Taking into account the health condition of our citizens and the limited availability of health services, any contribution to saving the lives and health can not be evaluated other than as important and necessary.

Speaking about the brightest examples of the professional systematic approach to charity, first of all I would mention Rinat Akhmetov, his “Development of Ukraine” and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Two biggest philanthropists not only implement the most extensive and long-term social projects, to which annually millions of hryvnia are allocated, they apply complex approach to solve complicated social problems. Read more of this post

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation becomes partner of the National Project “New Life”

Continuing implementation of the “Cradles of Hope” program, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has become a partner in the national project “New Life”, focusing on the opening of perinatal centres in all regions of Ukraine. This announcement was made by the founder of the Foundation, Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk during presentation of the “New Life” national project.

Through this partnership the Victor Pinchuk Foundation will equip neonatal intensive care departments in all 27 perinatal centres opened under the project. For these purposes, the Foundation will allocate UAH 100 million.

Victor Pinchuk referred to the “Cradles of Hope” program as his “most successful investment”. The program started in 2006. Since then intensive care units supplied with modern medical equipment to care for newborns, were opened in 22 Ukrainian cities and towns. Thanks to these centres, doctors managed to save lives of more than 8,000 infants.

Victor Pinchuk: “The “New Life” project ‘hits the mark’, as they say. It is a powerful lever that would help reduce infant mortality rate in Ukraine substantially. And so the decision to join forces in this project was natural for us. We have suggested the President of Ukraine to equip neonatal intensive care departments within the framework of the project “New Life”. The President has accepted our offer. And I am glad that today we are moving into an active phase of the project.”


Dnipropetrovsk region launched a large-scale program to support foster care promotion and family building together with Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

The objective is to make sure that approximately 400 orphaned children are adopted or fostered in Dnipropetrovsk region every year.

Oleksandr Vilkul, the Head of the Regional State Administration, announced this news at the presentation of the Family for a Child Project Concept for Foster Care Promotion and Family Building.

The presentation was also attended by Dmytro Tabachnyk, the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sport; Yuriy Pavlenko, the Authorized Representative of the President of Ukraine in charge of children’s rights; Yevhen Udod, the Head of the Regional Council, and others.

“I have set the task for my team to create the necessary conditions for about 20% or 400 orphaned children living in the region’s orphanages to be adopted by families or accepted to the family-type children’s homes every year. I am positive that we can fulfill this task with the joint efforts of the regional authorities, socially responsible businesses and people’s deputies”, says Oleksandr Vilkul.

The Family for a Child concept was developed at the governor’s initiative jointly with Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine. The project provides assistance to poor families helping them not to lose their children so that children could live with their parents. This project also helps the children currently living in the orphanages to return to their families. Besides, the Concept provides for establishment of the family-type children’s homes and promotes adoption of the orphaned children by the citizens of Ukraine.

“The success of such a large-scale and important program is driven by many factors, and the main thing is that it is an answer to the children’s particular needs. Although the orphanage system provides the orphaned children and children deprived of parental care with food and a place to live, it does not cater to their other basic needs: safety, the right to a decent future, and, which is most important, love and care of their parents. Our task is to give them that”, says Anatoliy Zabolotny, Director of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

The Training Centre has been set up in the region to ensure quality training and support of foster families and family-type children’s homes. Its task is to prepare and support the people willing to adopt or foster a child.

Besides, the region launches the Deputies for Welfare of Families social program within the framework of the Family for a Child Concept. The deputies and activists of the Party of the Regions are going to take care of difficult families. The party members, in their turn, are going to provide assistance to the respective departments of the State Children’s Service.

“Effective policy of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has dramatically changed Ukraine’s attitude to orphanhood. The President’s objective is to realize the right of each orphaned child or each child deprived of parental care to grow up in a family. Dnipropetrovsk region was one of the first in Ukraine to develop and implement such a regional project”, says Oleksandr Vilkul, the Head of the Regional State Administration.

As we reported before, the Regional State Administration and Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine signed a Memorandum on 28 May 2011. This document provides for the implementation of the Foster Care Promotion and Family Building project in the region to prevent social orphanhood.


Family-type children’s home is a family set up by a married couple or an unmarried person to foster at least 5 orphaned children or children deprived of parental care. The total number of children in a family-type children’s home must not exceed 10, including the parents’ own children.

Foster family is a family that willingly fostered one to four orphaned children or children deprived of parental care.

Press Release, 30.08.2011
Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine

Charity Foundation AVEC

For more than a decade the foundation has been working to protect the rights of children, help develop science and culture, preserve our heritage and spirituality.

Back in 1997 Alexander Feldman founded AVEC Kharkov charity foundation that implemented social projects in the city and province of Kharkov. Read more of this post