Lazar Brodsky: the “sugar king’s” charity

“I give money not because I feel like giving but because I am aware that I need and should give.” 

(Lazar Brodsky, 19th century)

“We give money to science not because we’re wealthy; we’re wealthy because we give money to science.” 

(Jimmy Carter, US President, 20th century)

“He who gives, acquires; he who saves, loses.”

popular Eastern adage, timeless)

“The giving pledge.” 

(Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, 21st century)

The second half of the 19th and the early 20th century saw dozens of our fellow countrymen involved in an upsurge of charitable activities. They enjoyed the respect of their contemporaries, and are also remembered by grateful descendants. The life and fate of Lazar Brodsky, one of Ukraine’s wealthiest men, deserve special attention.

Brodsky was born on August 26, 1848, in the town of Zlatopil in Kyiv province, where his father Izrael, who had built the Lebedyn sugar refinery, was living. Izrael Brodsky and his two sons dedicated their energy to the sugar industry. Their business was so successful that soon they amassed a huge fortune. Meanwhile, one of the brothers, Lazar, kept expanding his sphere of interests. After his father’s death he became the head of a number of big enterprises. Read more of this post