Aleksandr Feldman: “From the birth everyone inside has a genetic program to help each other.”

The famous philanthropist, people’s deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Feldman told to the business newspaper “Delo” about the new business line of his Fund. And that is social entrepreneurship.

Aleksandr, you were among the first people who put the personal philanthropy beyond the corporate social accountability, by creating in 1997 the private Fund of Aleksandr Feldman. Are you still loyal to the chosen at that time business line?

Yes, of course. I think that targeted social assistance, protection of childhood and the preservation of cultural heritage are the foundation stones of my philanthropy. And each of these stones has its own social significance. Philanthropy is a way on which every person with self-respect will step. Every businessman on a certain stage of his life will eventually realize that business itself can’t be the only goal. The business will lose its essence, if its results are not targeted on goals that are beyond its frames.

“From birth everyone inside has a genetic program to help each other. This is a basis of the civil society development, I am sure”.

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Charity Foundation AVEC

For more than a decade the foundation has been working to protect the rights of children, help develop science and culture, preserve our heritage and spirituality.

Back in 1997 Alexander Feldman founded AVEC Kharkov charity foundation that implemented social projects in the city and province of Kharkov. Read more of this post