Rinat Akhmetov paid for Mariupol development

Metinvest, vertically-integrated mining and metal company, in September 2011 invested UAH 1,2 million into development of Mariupol city in the framework of bilateral agreement on social and economic cooperation between Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and Mariupol city council. Totally, the support to the city since the beginning of 2011 made over UAH 3,9 million, as the press office of the company reported.

In September 2011 UAH 500 thousand  allocated in the city hospital No 4 for updating fluorography equipment of the hospital, day patient departments, for repair the heating system in surgery unit. Since the beginning of the year, Azovstal invested into hospital more than UAH 1,4 million. Funds allocated allowed making major overhaul of clinical laboratories, surgical unit and an x-ray department of the hospital, as NGO.Donetsk reported.
Also in September, UAH 700 thousand were allocated for improvement, development and support of Ordzhonikidze district, mostly for housing repairs. Earlier, in August 2011, Azovstal provided over UAH 180 thousand for establishment of eight new playgrounds in the Ordzhonikidze district.
“For our enterprise, as well as for all Metinvest enterprises, it  is very important to conduct an open and constructive dialogue that helps to direct resources to address the most significant issues in the regions where we work. That is why we actively participate in the implementation of targeted urban social programs aimed at the development of urban infrastructure and support health and education, caring for the younger generation of Mariupol, “- said Enver Tskitishvili, Director General of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

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