Charity Foundation AVEC

For more than a decade the foundation has been working to protect the rights of children, help develop science and culture, preserve our heritage and spirituality.

Back in 1997 Alexander Feldman founded AVEC Kharkov charity foundation that implemented social projects in the city and province of Kharkov.

The foundation’s first line of activity was the protection of the rights of children, it carried out projects like “The Contest of 1000 Teams” and “Life without Drugs”, provided targeted aid to sick and disabled children, and initiated large-scale assistance to the Kharkov regional children’s clinical hospital. Each year on June 1 the city marks the Children’s Day that unites over 100,000 Kharkov kids. Assistance to orphans and kids left without parental guardianship became the foundation’s priority activity. As Alexander Feldman, the foundation chairman and founder noted: “Kids in orphanages have toys and clothes today but we also have to give each of them the chance to live in a family”. That work began with the bill Of the Provision of Procedural and Institutional Basis for the Protection of Orphans and Children Deprived of Parental Care of Ukraine which became the main legislative act to regulate adoption and foster care in Ukraine. Today the foundation is focused on the nationwide support of adoption and foster homes, as well as reform of boarding schools – all children should be raised in families. That’s our goal because the child is least protected and cannot take care of themselves; we adults ought to create all the conditions for the development of each new personality. Orphanage is despair, family is hope; that is the basic principle of the Protect the Childhood program.

An important part of the foundation’s activity is the development of science and culture, namely the realization of projects “Gallery AVEC”, “People’s Renown”, “Kharkov’s intellect”, “Memory and Gratitude”, an immense campaign was initiated to help museums of Kharkov and reconstruct its monuments of architecture. Development of culture remains an important activity of the foundation. It includes help to young artists, introducing Ukrainians to the contemporary art and works of contemporary masters and those of the past, large-scale exhibitions of cultural wealth and heritage. Another activity is the develpoment of a civilized approach to archaeology. One of the foundation’s activities is the development of a pack of legistative initiatives aimed at the creation of good environment to increase and conserve the cultural heritage of Ukraine through the promotion of private collecting, increasing their value and keeping them withing our country.

Today the foundation’s activity is united into three big trends – protection of children’s rights, development of culture and targeted assistance to disadvantaged groups and state-owned education, healthcare and academic institutions.

Today we are proud to see our projects recognized and supported in Ukraine and beyond – “the Tournament of 1000 Teams” was found by UEFA to be the biggest children’s soccer tournament and secured an extra star for Ukraine for the selection of Euro-2012 host nations by the UEFA executive committee. The “Life without Drugs” project has been going on for 8 years in cooperation with the British Kids in Crisis foundation founde by the Duchess of York Sarah Fergusson. The bill of Alexander Feldman became the main legislative act to regulate adoption and foster care of orphan kids.

Every year 150 thousand of Kharkiv people and appr. 3.5 thousand of organizations get assistance from the Fund. We are always open up to good deeds. Long live the Good! Let’s make the Good! This is the objective and the mission of our Fund.


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