Rinat Akhmetov Congratulations to the Miner’s Day and Donetsk City Day

Dear friends!
On August 28 we celebrate the Miner’s Day, a professional holiday of the brave and courageous people whose work is a daily feat.

This day is special for the Donetsk citizens – the Miner’s Day and the Donetsk City Day.

“Donetsk” and “a miner” are closely connected words that complement each other. And this is our strength.

On this day we express our sincere gratitude to every miner for his professionalism and self-sacrificing work.

Mining is the most heroic profession and it still remains one of the most dangerous jobs. Our priority is to make it as safe as possible.

It will always be a heroic profession because the heroism is part and parcel of a miner.

I sincerely wish every miner’s family in Donetsk and all other regions of Ukraine confidence in the future, good health and prosperity.

Happy Miner’s Day! Happy City Day!

FC Shakhtar President Rinat Akhmetov


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