Rinat Akhmetov Holding votes UAH 1m to each family of miners killed in mine accident

The leadership of Krasnodonugol coal group (Lugansk Oblast), to which Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya Mine (Sukhodolsk, Lugansk Oblast) belongs, mourn deeply for the death of people caused by an accident at Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya Mine on 29 June 2011 and express condolences to the injured miners and their families. Each family of miners killed in the accident will receive financial help of UAH 1m. Everything possible is being done today to save people and eliminate the damage.


Krasnodonugol is one of the biggest coal groups in Ukraine that produces and enriches coking coal of «Zh» and «К» grades. It consists of seven mines and colliery administrations, two enrichment plants, and service divisions. The group employs 15,000 people. Krasnodonugol is included into the Coal and Coke Division of Metinvest


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