B.Kolesnikov Foundation donated 4 new ICU vehicles to Donetsk Oblast’ hospitals

27.07.11, Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital gets new mobile ICUs.

Two new mobile Ford ICUs and two new Gazel ambulance cars are waiting for new owners – specialists of Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital and Konstantinovka ambulance service. Boris Kolesnikov Charitable Foundation beared all expenses related to procurement and outfitting the vehicles.
Marina Dedenko, Director of B. Kolesnikov Foundation: Boris Kolesnikov has a system-based approach to charity, he would change something in order to prevent problems rather than just give money.
Total costs of all 4 fully equipped ICUs made UAH 2 400 000, but money is not the point, the most important thing is to help patients and make the doctors’ work easier.
Denis Omelyanovich, MP: These ICUs transferred today will assist medical workers and will bring the quality of their to a higher level.
Those who faced at least once our ambulance services, know that sometimes obsolete ambulance cars arrive at call-outs, that cannot provide quality emergency services. 80% of all Krasnoarmeysk ambulance cars are older than 10 years, it goes without saying that the equipment is obsolete too. So, these vehicles are essential for the region.
Tatyana Volkova, Head Doctor of Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital: these vehicles are up-to-date, with equipment we could have only dreamt of.
After the official part vehicles were blessed and the representative of the supplier gave a master-class of vehicle and equipment maintenance.


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