Victor Pinchuk at 3rd Philanthropic Round Table in Davos, 28 January 2010

On Thursday, January 28th 2010, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation hosted the 3rd, Philanthropic Round Table in Davos (Switzerland), entitled ‘Hi-Teach=High-Tech+Philanthropy+Education’. The Davos Philanthropic Roundtable organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, has since 2008 and continues to be one of the largest specialized events on philanthropy conducted during the World Economic Forum. This year’s topics for discussion included the ways of development of education in the 21st century, new opportunities emerging in the field of education with the arrival of high technologies, and role of the global philanthropy in improving access to education worldwide.

“The hi-tech revolution ultimately has changed our vision for the opportunities of having access to education and significantly influenced the global economy”, said Victor Pinchuk opening the Roundtable. “By bringing together breakthroughs in information and communication technology and education, philanthropists can now achieve tangible results and help resolve the issue of access and quality of education in developing countries. The outcome will be astonishing.”

According to Mr. Pinchuk, all the preconditions for such a “HI-TEACH revolution”, which expects philanthropists to help introduce new technology in education, do exist today. “The technological solutions are already there. Demand is already there, and it’s obvious. What we need is our vision, creative thinking and determination to realize concrete projects”, he emphasized.

The list of participants of the 3rd Round Table discussions included Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel; Melinda French Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Jimmy D. Wales, founder of Wikipedia; Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) non-profit association; Shelly Esque, President of Intel Foundation; Victor Pinchuk, Ukrainian businessman and public figure, and also John Edward Sexton, President of New York University, who moderated the debates.


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