Charity Foundation AVEC

For more than a decade the foundation has been working to protect the rights of children, help develop science and culture, preserve our heritage and spirituality.

Back in 1997 Alexander Feldman founded AVEC Kharkov charity foundation that implemented social projects in the city and province of Kharkov. Read more of this post


Rinat Akhmetov Congratulations to the Miner’s Day and Donetsk City Day

Dear friends!
On August 28 we celebrate the Miner’s Day, a professional holiday of the brave and courageous people whose work is a daily feat.

This day is special for the Donetsk citizens – the Miner’s Day and the Donetsk City Day.

“Donetsk” and “a miner” are closely connected words that complement each other. And this is our strength.

On this day we express our sincere gratitude to every miner for his professionalism and self-sacrificing work.

Mining is the most heroic profession and it still remains one of the most dangerous jobs. Our priority is to make it as safe as possible.

It will always be a heroic profession because the heroism is part and parcel of a miner.

I sincerely wish every miner’s family in Donetsk and all other regions of Ukraine confidence in the future, good health and prosperity.

Happy Miner’s Day! Happy City Day!

FC Shakhtar President Rinat Akhmetov

Petro Poroshenko. Biography

Born on 26 September 1965 in the city of Bolgrad (Odessa region).

1982 – 1989  Kyiv State University named after T. Shevchenko, faculty of international relations and international law, diploma with merits, specialty: economist-specialist in international affairs.

1989- 1992 Post-graduate studies and assistant at the Chair for international economic research, Kyiv State University named after T. Shevchenko.

1993 – 1998 Director General, Private Joint Stock Company “Ukrprominvest” (group of enterprises).

1998 – 2002  People’s Deputy (Member of the Parliament) of Ukraine, Head of the Subcommittee, Finance and Banking Committee of the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament) of Ukraine.

1999 Member, the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine.

2000 – 2002 Head of the Solidarnist’ (Solidarity) faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, III convocation.

2000-2004  Deputy Head, Council of the National Bank of Ukraine.

2002-2005  People’s Deputy of Ukraine (IV convocation), Chairman, Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine.

In 2002 he successfully defended thesis entitled “Legal Regulation of State Corporate Rights Management in Ukraine”, obtaining Ph.D. in law. He is the author of the monograph “State Corporate Rights Management in Ukraine. Theory of Establishment of Legal Relations” and of a number of scientific publications, as well as the co-author of a text-book on contemporary international economic relations.

2005  Secretary, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

2006  People’s Deputy of Ukraine (V convocation), Chairman, Finance and Banking Committee of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine.

February, 2007  Elected Head of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine.

October 2009 Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Awards: Honoured economist of Ukraine, Order “For Merits” II and III classes, received State Prize in the field of science and technology.

Author of the numerous publications and monographs, laureate of the Pylyp Orlyk International Prize, People’s Deputy of Ukraine (III, IV, V convocations).

Honorary professor at the University of Banking of National Bank.

Married with two sons and two daughters.


Rinat Akhmetov Holding votes UAH 1m to each family of miners killed in mine accident

The leadership of Krasnodonugol coal group (Lugansk Oblast), to which Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya Mine (Sukhodolsk, Lugansk Oblast) belongs, mourn deeply for the death of people caused by an accident at Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya Mine on 29 June 2011 and express condolences to the injured miners and their families. Each family of miners killed in the accident will receive financial help of UAH 1m. Everything possible is being done today to save people and eliminate the damage.


Krasnodonugol is one of the biggest coal groups in Ukraine that produces and enriches coking coal of «Zh» and «К» grades. It consists of seven mines and colliery administrations, two enrichment plants, and service divisions. The group employs 15,000 people. Krasnodonugol is included into the Coal and Coke Division of Metinvest

Charitable Programmes of Petro Poroshenko Foundation – interview with Petro Poroshenko

Why did you decide to go in for charity? What was the first impulse?
Every man, who has grown and been brought up in a proper family and society, cannot remain indifferent to problems that people around are facing. The realisation that there are people who desperately need your help gives you power and fosters the desire to help. It may sound pretentious, but if you are still capable of perceiving the pain of people as your own, you won’t be able to run charity.

What do you think of the opinion that the “charity is better done in secret”?
Charity should not be done in secret, but it also should not be done for advertising. In my opinion, the charity must become a standard for normal people. My Foundation has been operating for ten years, and we have tried not to demonstrate our activities, but just do what we have to do all this time. The idea has been to provide targeted aid, and we have been doing it not for someone to write about it or to show it, but to help. I believe that if you have done something good, then you have not spent in vain this very minute or hour or day at least.

Who makes decisions to grant funds for a programme?
The Supervisory Council of the Fund decides which programmes to fund.

Which programmes will be funded in the future?
All major programmes of the Fund will be continued. As regards new programmes, I can tell you that a contract is being prepared for the construction of a riverside quay in Vinnytsia. This is going to be our challenge to the crisis: we would like to demonstrate that the life is not stopping. Vinnytsia is a very precious city for me, and I would like it to be beautiful and attractive for its inhabitants, guests and tourists.

Did crisis influence your philanthropy?
Unfortunately, the crisis affected everything: the economy, the charity, the culture. However, it must not make us despondent, afraid or depressed. The crisis opens up new opportunities for everyone, for companies, for the country.

What is needed to develop philanthropy in Ukraine?
Look at the attitude to philanthropists before the revolution. Hospitals, schools, churches, houses of mercy and the best museums were built thanks to Tereshchenko, Brodsky, and Khanenko. These initiatives stirred up serious public support. Unfortunately, the memories of these kind and nice initiatives were destroyed in the 20th century.
Today, the business must be engaged into the charity in addition to paying taxes and salaries in order to return the respect to people and revive the nicest and most human feelings, the faith in goodness and mutual help. We need to restore the trust in entrepreneurs as a class, which keeps up the state with its labour. Entrepreneurs, rather than officials are the pillars of the state. They pay taxes and feed officials, and not vice versa. Latest polls point out to the increasing trust in entrepreneurs who are ahead of politicians and state authorities by a big margin. I consider this to be a good omen. People start realising the extent, to which an efficient businessman is important for the state.

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B.Kolesnikov Foundation donated 4 new ICU vehicles to Donetsk Oblast’ hospitals

27.07.11, Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital gets new mobile ICUs.

Two new mobile Ford ICUs and two new Gazel ambulance cars are waiting for new owners – specialists of Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital and Konstantinovka ambulance service. Boris Kolesnikov Charitable Foundation beared all expenses related to procurement and outfitting the vehicles.
Marina Dedenko, Director of B. Kolesnikov Foundation: Boris Kolesnikov has a system-based approach to charity, he would change something in order to prevent problems rather than just give money.
Total costs of all 4 fully equipped ICUs made UAH 2 400 000, but money is not the point, the most important thing is to help patients and make the doctors’ work easier.
Denis Omelyanovich, MP: These ICUs transferred today will assist medical workers and will bring the quality of their to a higher level.
Those who faced at least once our ambulance services, know that sometimes obsolete ambulance cars arrive at call-outs, that cannot provide quality emergency services. 80% of all Krasnoarmeysk ambulance cars are older than 10 years, it goes without saying that the equipment is obsolete too. So, these vehicles are essential for the region.
Tatyana Volkova, Head Doctor of Krasnoarmeysk central rayon hospital: these vehicles are up-to-date, with equipment we could have only dreamt of.
After the official part vehicles were blessed and the representative of the supplier gave a master-class of vehicle and equipment maintenance.

Rinat Akhmetov: I will always be concerned in charity

In March 2008 Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine” has reported on their activities for the first time for two years of its functioning. Project outcomes were summarized, Foundation’s complete financial report was presented, as well as the prospective directions and projects of the Foundation for 2008 presented. Rinat Akhmetov,  who established the Foundation, a businessman and MP from the Party of Regions  has allocated $150 million to finance the projects and programs of “Development of Ukraine” for the next 5 years.

Annual report of the Foundation “Development of Ukraine” was an important indicator of Ukrainian charity.
Presentation of Foundation’ annual report became an unprecedented event for Ukraine. It has become an important performance indicator not only for the Foundation, but for Ukrainian charity as a whole. And the remarkability of this event for the country lies in the fact that the revival of charity tradition is coming not from abroad, but is done through national efforts.

The announcement of the Foundation official status change was no less important: corporate “System Capital Management” charity foundation became Rinat Akhmetov personal Foundation.

In his opening remarks, Rinat Akhmetov has noted that the presentation was a very important event to him. He believes that in Ukraine there are system problems that only a systematic approach can beat. In his view, these problems need to be sounded loudly. He said: “I do like the words, that charity has a quiet voice.  So, I silently donated and helped to those who needed it. That was my principle; it was my first stage of charity. But, unfortunately, in our country there are systematic problems that cannot be resolved quietly “.

Charity is the ability to feel others’ pain
Corporate Foundation “Development of Ukraine” was created by SCM in 2005. “This was my second stage in charity: the stage of corporate social responsibility” – said Rinat Akhmetov. “And now, today, the third charity phase comes: the stage of personal responsibility.” According to him, he would always be engaged in charity activities. Explaining his role in the Foundation, Rinat Akhmetov said that it consisted of three things: “First is to define Foundation philosophy, second is to create a team that shares this philosophy and third is provide steady funding. What is my philosophy of charity? Charity is the ability to feel other people’ pain. Charity is the ability to share others’ pain. Charity is a systematic control of system problems. Charity means focusing on results and transparency. ”