Rinat Akhmetov: Kids always speak the truth

There are many assumptions, who St. Nicholas is but he is known for bringing kindness to children, and there are people who are trying to implement his good intentions. On December 19, 2010 at the main children’s holiday – the Day of Saint Nicholas, the President of Shakhtar and Foundation for Development of Ukraine  Rinat Akhmetov and his friend, composer Igor Krutoy, traditionally visited the kids.
The final charity event destination of Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Krutoy was the Tribunelounge at the “Donbass Arena”. Here, the President of FC Shakhtar, Foundation for Development of Ukraine  and his friend was waited by about three hundred kids from child care centers throughout the Donetsk region!

For children from Makeyevka, Mariupol, Dzerzhinsk, Horlivka, Torez and Snezhnoe organizers of the event in Donetsk prepared a special holiday program. This program included the Donbass Arena excursion, delicious meal, sweet table with an entertaining show. The kids had fun with all the heart, together with the huge inhabitants of the Arena – pitmen. They were joined by “not locals”, but impressive Shrek, Ratatouille, and Alex the Lion from the movie “Madagascar.” The children did not want to leave this character, following and hugging him all the time.
– The kids dreamt about making the Donbass Arena tour, visiting the players’ locker room, walking around the pitch. And today their dream came true – said Makeyevka’s teacher of rehabilitation center “Raduga” Tatiana Zeybel. – In general, football is a great joy for children! The guys look forward to every home match by Shakhtar. Special thanks to the Club for providing the tickets. And the children, who are at the 8-9 th forms, know about their favorite team almost everything!

However, all the kids gathered in Tribunelounge have proven their commitment to the Pitmen. The host of the show Constantine Kirkaryan just mentioned the word Shakhtar as children immediately began chanting in unison – “Champion!” By the way, following these cheers Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Krutoy entered the hall. Naturally, all the children’s attention has turned to main organizers of the celebration: followed by a lengthy autograph and photo session with the President of FC Shakhtar and his friend receiving special gifts. So, the guys from Mariupol in three voices sang one of the Igor Krutoy’s songs with the children from Torez presenting Rinat Akhmetov a beautiful composition, in the form of a ball, made by their own hands.

Journalists took the opportunity to ask FC Shakhtar President questions:
– Rinat Leonidovich, what did you like the most today?
– Now I can hardly highlight something. But I want to say that this is the bright day that we always look forward to.
– Children told that you presented them a dream. Are you pleased to hear that?
– You know, all that spoken by children is always true, and these words are always nice to hear.
Igor Krutoy also answered the questions:
– Igor Yakovlevich, do you think today’s celebration was a success?
– Of course!
– Over the last ten years you and Rinat Akhmetov have been gifting the children joy. Tell us about how everything is going on? Do you phone Rinat Akhmetov on the eve of this day?
– No, but I just plan everything so that on December 19 I do not have any important things that need to be done. Even yesterday, I performed in the Kremlin at the concert and immediately after show I got on a plane and headed here.
– Very often at these events children sing to you songs. What do you feel at these moments?
– Actually, this happens infrequently, but such things really happen. In this regard, I have even come up with some ideas. We organized a children’s “New wave”, the competition was launched last year at Artek. I am also going to release a whole album of children’s songs.
– Do the kids who have gathered here have what it takes to become famous?
– You never know. I am confident that among these kids there are future stars of sport and art. I hope that these children will have all the opportunities to develop and to become the great. But most importantly is that they became good people!
Under the current charity event 158 establishments of Donetsk region received aid: children’s hospitals, sanatoriums, orphanages, boarding schools, children’s homes, family-style orphanages for handicapped children, vocational schools, which educate orphans, Children’s Fund, which helps orphaned children study in schools, 21 children family type houses, social rehabilitation centers, day care centers for minor mothers, children of miners and others – a total of 16,606 children.

By material press-office FC «Shakhtar»


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